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Why choose skip hire?

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Why choose skip hire?

When it comes to choosing skip hire over other other types of waste management, there are pros and cons that you need to weigh up before deciding on which one to use. These need to be considered as it will effect the cost and efficiency of the project. Here are our reasons as to why you should choose skip hire over other waste management options.

Skip sizes

There are many sizes for skip hire which are dependent on the amount of waste your project will produce. 4 to 6 yard skips are great for jobs where there is a limited amount of space. They are a great size for building and construction sites and for domestic home renovations for the kitchen and bathroom. These are perfect for moderately heavy and bulky items due to the fact they can fit over 60 bin bags worth of waste.

At the larger end of the sizes, 12 to 16 yard skips which are mainly used for large complete domestic home renovations and commercial sites. For where there is a mix of light and bulky waste. They can also be used for shop fittings and construction sites.

Depending on the size of your site, a skip may not be suitable as skip delivery drivers are limited as to where they can place the skip. Sometimes this may not be the most efficient or suitable place for your project. There are also problems where truck drivers may not be able to deliver to your area due to tunnels, bridges or small roads.

Waste types

There are accepted and unaccepted waste types which are allowed in skips. Waste types can change depending on the skip service provider you use. These can also depend on the size of the skip, however as a general rule, non hazardous electrical goods, garden waste & construction waste are ideal. 

For items of waste that are not accepted for most skip hire providers these include; food waste, large electrical items and white goods, asbestos, hazardous waste such as TV’s, fluorescent tubes, fridges and monitors, chemicals and solvents, plasterboard and gypsum. These are generally not allowed for low-cost skip hire unless there is an agreement prior to the skip being booked.

There are many services that dispose of unaccepted waste types that are not allowed in skips. These include man & van services. Your local council website can also offer further help on specalist waste removal. Man & van services are a great alternative to skip hire due to the benefit of extra lifting assistance for heavier items.


Skip hire is a relatively cheap way of waste disposal and management. Ensuring that you book the right sized skip for your project is important as a small skip for a big project will leave you with excess waste and possible overfilling charges. Whereas ordering a large skip for a small project will not be cost-efficient.

It can be difficult to know which skip to order. However, we recommend to discuss your requirements and project with our experienced and friendly team.

Skip permits

Skip permits gives you license and permission to place a container on a public highway, road or pavement. Permits are given by the local government in your area. They can come at a price that is anything from £10 up to £60. Overall this could effect your decision on why you choose skip hire as it could be more cost-effective to choose a different waste management service. We have covered domestic and commercial skip permits here and why you might need one.

Wanting to book your skip or looking for more advice on why you should choose skip hire?

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