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What to think about before hiring a skip for domestic or commercial projects

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What to think about before hiring a skip for domestic or commercial projects

Skip hire for domestic and commercial projects can be a daunting task. Many of our customers have questions before placing an order. What sized skip should I get? Where can I order a skip near me? Where do I even place it?

These are all valid questions that you should be asking. We have compiled a range of questions that are most commonly asked when it comes to skip for hire.

Permits for domestic skip hire

The first area that most of our customers ask is “What is a skip permit and do I need one?”. There is much confusion over this topic, but it is simple.

Private land does not need a permit to place a skip on, this includes driveways, gardens, construction sites, ect. For customers who do not have space to place a skip on their private property will need a skip permit.` Usually, a public road is used to place the container. However, this requires a few days to arrange with the local council. Please take note that customers of SSN do not need to arrange this as we will do it for you, making sure your skip hire is as stress-free and easy as possible.

To sum permits up: private land does not need a permit, but if you need to place it elsewhere such as a public roads then we will request for one.

domestic skip hire
Domestic skip hire on private land

What size should I order?

4 yard, 6 yard, 10 yard… how do you choose the right size for your project? The most commonly used skips are the 6 yard. With around 60 bin bags capacity, this makes it the perfect skip for any bathroom or kitchen renovation project.

Smaller skips, also known as midi or mini, range from 4 yard to 6 yards. Domestic skip hire projects where there is a limit to space, smaller sized skips are great. These also can handle moderate amounts of bulky waste.

For larger projects like a complete house renovation or commercial projects such as shop fittings or office renovations, larger skips are the most viable option to clear huge amounts of waste. 12 yard up to 16 yard can hold anywhere from 120 bin bags of waste to 200. It’s also important to take note that there is a limit to some waste types, with the 16 yard not suitable to carry soil or stone.

Choosing the right size is important as it can affect cost and waste types you can place in the skip. Still unsure of what size to book? Talk to our dedicated team today, we’re happy to help with all of your inquires.

How will my waste container be delivered?

All of our containers are delivered by specialist trained skip delivery drivers who will place your skip on your site. Before you receive your skip, ensure that there is clear access and level ground as this can cause delays to your schedule. You do not have to worry about the delivery or placement of your container.

What can I dispose of in the skip for hire?

This is a great question and one that our customers ask a lot. Waste types that we accept are generally the same for all sizes of our skips. This includes inert, green and mixed as well as non hazardous electricals, garden waste & construction waste.

In terms of waste we don’t accept includes: food waste, asbestos, chemicals, hazardous waste, large electrical items and plasterboard. However, we recommend talking to our team to discuss what you are disposing of and to conclude if a specialist skip is more suitable.

How can I order a skip?

You can book your skip through our friendly and highly experienced team who can deal with all of your inquires. We are specialist skip hire suppliers and deliver across the UK through our partners. We’re always happy to help and completely understand that when it comes to domestic skip hire, ensuring the process is stress-free and easy is important to our customers.

Contact us today and book your skip for hire.