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We’re part of the Service Supply Network

Where it all began

Back in 2017, The Concrete Network was launched with the aim to supply customers in need of concrete with reliable, trusted local suppliers at competitive prices, within the reach of one easy phone call. And so, The Concrete Network quickly grew into a popular concrete supply network throughout the UK, eventually building a network of over 200 partners. 

The Concrete Pumping Network

As the network’s popularity increased, with time, the addition of concrete pump suppliers naturally took place. This allowed customers access difficult to reach areas, which is a frequent issue in the building industry. The Concrete Pumping Network was launched to accommodate these requirements. The Hertfordshire based contact centre allowed customers to speak with concrete experts, always giving exceptional levels of customer service.

The two services that the business offered were well received by customers and were a success. Furthermore, the partners included in the network were likewise, extremely content with the offering of two services to the customers. However, it came to light that within the construction industry, the need for concrete was significant, therefore, in order to complete a job successfully, waste management is a must.

The Grab Hire Network

The first venture into waste management was to offer a service of grab hire. In-depth research was conducted to ensure top quality service. Following this, the team reached out to local grab hire suppliers across the UK and created a reliable, trusted network of partners. This, in turn, created the Grab Hire Network.

The Skip Supply Network

The Grab Hire Network quickly became popular within the realm of waste management solutions in the construction industry. The team soon discovered the huge interest in hiring skips for these construction projects. Noticing this trend has allowed the business to branch out into the most recent expansion within the business, the Skip Supply Network.

In September 2019, the business had expanded, offering four fantastic services. These all worked towards the same, important goal; to connect customers across the UK with their ideal concrete and waste management supplier, without the hassle of calling around.

The Service Supply Network

Our business journey and expansion into these different services, brought to our attention the need to think about our brand. We want our customers to instantly recognise our brand, under one clear and distinct message.

The Service Supply Network was born, being a safe haven for customers seeking services provided by The Concrete Network, the Concrete Pumping Network, Grab Hire Network and the Skip Supply Network.

The launch of the Service Supply Network has allowed us to embrace everything that we do, whilst giving us room for growth and innovation. The business is constantly looking for new ways to aid our consumers through their construction related journeys. It is crucial for us to always remember where we started and evolve into something which includes our existing brands, rather than starting anew. 

We’re delighted to introduce ourselves as the Service Supply Network…the UK’s largest network of independent concrete and waste management suppliers.