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Guide to Construction Waste Management

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Guide to Construction Waste Management

If your construction project produces waste, then you have a legal requirement to properly manage that waste by reducing, reusing, recycling and disposing of it correctly. Construction waste management is especially important as the waste produced tends to be heavy, bulky and potentially hazardous. A huge proportion of the waste generated in the UK comes from construction and demolition.

What is Construction Waste Management?

Having the correct processes and plans in place to ensure construction waste is dealt with responsibly is beneficial to the environment, but it can also help you to save money on your project. By planning ahead and having an efficient construction waste management plan in place you’ll save time and labour, allowing you to get on with the job.

Why is Construction Waste Management Important?

As construction waste makes up such a large proportion of the waste generated in the UK, it is important that we recycle and reuse as many waste materials as possible. By reducing the amount of waste going to landfill companies can do their bit to protect the environment. Considering the volume of waste a project will generate, and if any of that waste can be reused, is also important when it comes to keeping construction projects on budget.

What are the benefits of Construction Waste Management?

Ensuring you have a plan in place for construction waste management has a number of potential benefits, including:

Improving health and safety standards

Dealing with waste quickly, efficiently and via the proper channels helps to improve levels of health and safety on your site, reducing hazards from improperly stored waste. This protects workers on site and members of the public.

Compliance with regulations and planning

Proper waste management is required when applying for planning permission. A good construction waste management plan will also help to ensure you comply with many other regulations.

Reducing Costs

You’ll save money by reusing materials, meaning you don’t need to pay to dispose of them and can reduce the number of new materials you need to buy. An example of this is reusing utilising rubble for hardcore or building with reclaimed bricks. 

Environmental Benefits

Reducing the volume of waste sent to landfill helps to protect the environment. Ensuring hazardous waste is dealt with and disposed of properly also prevents it from causing pollution and environmental damage.

Improved Company Reputation

Demonstrating that your company cares about construction waste management can help develop a positive reputation in the industry. It may even give you access to new customers who are looking to work with responsible businesses that achieve certain standards of waste management.

Raising Awareness

Adopting sustainable and responsible construction waste management practices can help to raise awareness with staff and clients, also encouraging them to think about waste on other projects, and at home.

Creating a Construction Site Waste Management Plan

When creating a construction Site Waste Management Plans (SWMP), it’s important to consider who will be responsible for maintaining, updating and reviewing the plan as the project progresses.

Creating a plan at the start of the project, outlining the different types of waste that will be generated and estimating the volume of each is an ideal approach. For each classification of waste, consider how you could reduce, reuse or recycle items, and then look at what remains and will need to be disposed of.

Your plan should also include details of how waste will be disposed of, the waste management provider and details of their accreditation as a waste carrier. Our fully licensed network of waste management specialists will be happy to assist and provide you with these details if requested.

Construction Waste Management

We provide solutions for construction waste management across the whole of the UK, including a variety of skips sizes for skip hire, waste removal and grab hire. Our friendly team of experts will help you find a service that meets your requirements. Contact us today and you can feel confident that your construction waste will be dealt with efficiently, and at a competitive price.