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Everything you need to know before starting a home extension

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Everything you need to know before starting a home extension

When it comes to beginning a home extension or renovation there are many aspects to consider. By carefully planning beforehand, you can save time, money and stress during all stages of construction to ensure that you get the results you want.

Below, we have listed what you should consider before starting a home renovation.

Living on Site

If you are living on site during the construction stages, there are many things to consider. Depending on where the home renovation is being carried out this may cause problems to areas you currently use daily. For example; if your kitchen is being extended; you may have to find an alternative to your usual routine. This can effect other rooms too so discussing this with your contractor to create a timeline and solutions to mitigate the change will allow the process to go as smoothly as possible for you. 

The same is said for heavy machinery and built up rubbish on site that can easily block your way. Exterior areas and your driveway could also be blocked. Ensuring space and placement of building materials and machinery early on in the project is always key.

Design & Style Renovation

Whether you are looking at adding space, creating a stand out feature from the outside or drastically changing your home, design and style play a huge part when it comes to the finished product. If you don’t have a design in mind, Pinterest, google images or simply having a stroll around your neighbouring houses who have had previous work done will help find the right inspiration for you. 

Design and style should also play a part with what your building’s aesthetic already is and neighbouring houses around you. If your home improvement is too bold and different then you might find trouble with your neighbours objecting. This could possibly reject your planning application. However, this shouldn’t put you off going for that futuristic design you’ve been eying up or that gorgeous glass roof you’ve always wanted. However big your plans are, anything goes!

Design and style play a huge part in your home rennovation

Rubbish Clearance

Building sites will always get busy and seem like a wasteland of rubbish and waste, making a trip to your shed, doorway or even to park on your drive impossible. Ensuring you carry out waste management effectively will keep the site clean and give you access and space to interior and exterior areas of your home. Many rubbish removal specialists will help you load waste onto the vehicle and dispose of waste quickly. Another point to remember is you may find yourself having to remove waste from your house. Old furniture which have been in storage for many years may need to be cleared out to make room for your new home extension. 

Skip hire is an important option for waste removal as they come in a variety of sizes convenient for you. Skips don’t need to remain on the premises either and can be delivered when needed on a short delivery notice. This gives you extra space and room for your project making it even more manageable. 

domestic skip hire
Skip hire for home extension

Extension Quality & Value

Home additions are constructed for many reasons; whether it is to maximise space, create your dream home or to add value to your property. Weighing up quality and value is important as the reasoning for your home renovation will often mean different results and construction quality. If you are planning to stay in your home then having a great quality extension would be most important in order to benefit from longevity and improving on your own daily tasks. If you are planning to add value either for a short term or to sell, then quality may not always mean adding value. 

Speaking to your estate agent will help give you an idea on how your extension may/ may not add value. Though this is not always important, this can help in the long run when you come to sell your home and find the right quality to suit your needs.

Planning to begin your home extension?

Our experienced team can help with a number of different skip hire and waste management services. Contact us to discuss your ideas and get free advice on how we could help with your home extension.