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The Dangers of Cheap Skip Hire

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The Dangers of Cheap Skip Hire

Cheap skip hire can sometimes seem like the better deal when looking for fast, easy and cost-effective skip hire. Yet choosing cheap skip hire or seemingly low cost skip hire can cause many problems. These problems can include the quality of the skip but can leave your site and project with issues and time costly problems.

Cheap skip here and low cost skip hire can leave you with costly problems.

Cheap skip hire delivery

One of the main problems of low cost skip hire is reliability. It is extremely important when working on a job or project that the schedule is kept to. Many low cost skip hire companies cannot give reliable times for their delivery and therefore results in delays and on-site issues. The Skip Supply Network offers fast delivery including morning and afternoon slots available.

Skip size 

Ensuring you have the right sized skip for your job can make or break whether your skip is cost-effective. Cheap skip hire may not give you accurate information on the correct size for your project. Whether you need a 4 or 6 yard skip for domestic projects or a maxi skip for large commercial jobs, not having enough space or having too much can make low cost skip hire more expensive. Our experienced sales team can give advice on the best sized skip for your project, so there are no delays or costly decisions to be made later. 

Waste types for cheap skips

There are many types of waste that can’t be placed inside skips for low cost skip hire. Not all waste can be disposed of whether they are harmful, toxic or simply unaccepted. Knowing exactly what you can and can’t place in a skip is important as it can leave you with extra charges. Cheap skip hire services may not outrightly state their policy on waste types. This can leave you confused and having to pay out before it can be collected. The types of waste we accept can be found on our types of waste page, contact today to find out more information on hire a skip waste types.

Cheap skip hire Licenses and Insurance

All skip hire companies must be registered and have up-to-date insurance and training before supplying skips. You can check the skip hire registry here. It is extremely important that before you book low cost skips that you check they have insurance as this can leave you liable for some costs. The Skip Supply Network has years of experience in the skip hire industry and is fully insured.

Contact our sales advisors today. Unsure on what sized skip to order or wanting a quote? Our experienced sales team can help.