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Can I Put a Mattress in a Skip

Bed Advice UK recommends replacing your mattress every seven years; when the time comes, unfortunately it’s often confusing and awkward to dispose of an old mattress yourself.  Can I Put a Mattress in a Skip? Mattresses are classed as a bulky waste item, they are difficult to transport without a large vehicle or van, and as a result, mattresses are one of the most common items to be fly tipped. In the UK it is estimated that 7.5 million mattresses go to landfill every year. Domestic skip hire is ideal for house clearance and getting rid of larger household items; however,…


The Risks of Overloading a Skip

Skip hire is often the most cost effective and efficient way to get rid of waste from building projects, house clearances, renovations or landscaping. Whether it’s a domestic or commercial project, skip hire allows you to collect all of your waste in one place to be taken away by a specialist waste management carrier.  When is a skip overloaded? It is tempting to try and overload a skip as you reach the end of a project, often to save money and avoid hiring another. Waste should never exceed the height of the skip walls, most skips will have a thick red…


What Happens to Skip Waste?

Skip hire is a cost-effective and convenient way to dispose of a large amount of mixed waste. What happens to skip waste once it has been collected is often part of the decision-making process when choosing a skip hire provider; particularly as we all become more aware of the impact our waste can have on the environment. Each provider will have different ways of dealing with skip waste, with most companies recycling as much as possible. Waste transfer stations Most companies will take your skip to a waste transfer station, this is where all of the material from your skip will…


Can I Put Waste in Someone Else’s Skip?

The short answer is: You should not put waste in someone else’s skip without their permission. The person paying for skip hire is responsible for the waste being disposed of, so you might make yourself quite unpopular if you decide to put waste in someone else’s skip. Unauthorised dumping of waste on land or a site that is not licensed to accept waste is called fly tipping, this also applies to dumping rubbish in other people’s skips.  Who is responsible for fly tipped waste in a skip? If you have hired a skip then you are responsible for the waste within…